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Paschinger, W., Rogl, P. F., Rogl, G., Grytsiv, A., Bauer, E., Michor, H., ... Bismarck, A. (2014). Ni-Sb-Sn

based Skutterudites. Paper presented at SCTE 2014 - 19th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements, GENOVA, Italy.

Shiozawa, H., Ayala, P., Pichler, T., & Peterlik, H. (2014). Magnetic properties of transition metal clusters encapsulated inside carbon nanotubes. Poster session presented at IWEPNM2014, International Winterschool on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, Kirchberg, Austria.

Tscheliessnig, R., Ueberbacher, R., Mueller, M., Peterlik, H., & Jungbauer, A. (2014). Development of a Liquid Formulation for Proteins for Long Time Storage. Biophysical Journal, 106(2), 618A-618A.

Rogl, P. F., Falmbigl, M., & Puchegger, S. (2013). Mechanical Properties of Intermetallic Clathrates. Paper presented at 32nd International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT2013), Kobe, Japan.

Showing entries 80 - 100 out of 108