WITec alpha 300A

WITec alpha 300A

The WITec 300A is a high-resolution combined atomic force microscope / Raman system for the non-destructive characterization of nanostructures. The confocal Raman system allows for spectroscopic measurements of molecules and solids with high spectral and lateral resolution while the integrated atomic force module (AFM) can be used for the topographic characterization of surfaces with nano-scale precision. Using the combination of both techniques, the WITec alpha 300A can also perform correlated measurements of AFM and Raman and is an all-purpose microscope for nanoanalytics.

Restrictions because of COVID-19

Since the number of persons allowed in a lab at the same time is limited by the COVID-19 rules drawn up by the university, the following regulations apply:

  • Only ONE user with any type of mask or TWO users with FFP2/3 masks (and at that ONLY during training or a course) is/are allowed in the room. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • You may not wait in the lab or in other rooms of the faculty center for e.g. the vacuum to reach a certain level, so that other users can access equipment in the lab in the meantime.
  • You are only allowed to work in lab 3357 after reserving the lab via an entry in the respective u:Cloud calendar. Please contact Stephan Puchegger, who will then share the u:Cloud calendar with you.
  • The calendar also serves as a means of COVID user tracking. Please modify your entry afterwards so that it reflects your actual time in the lab and includes the full names of all persons.
  • Vent the room by opening the window at regular intervals.
  • Disinfect the equipment after finishing your work.

Person in charge

Since Dieter Baurecht is on a sabbatical (15.9.2021-30.9.2022) please contact Stephan Puchegger with any requests. He will then relay these requests to the appropriate stand-in.