Terms of use of the WITec alpha 300A

Safety training course

Working with the WITec alpha 300A is only permitted after successfully completing the tests “General safety rules for members of the faculty”, “Laboratory safety”, and “Laser-laboratory safety”.

Link to the safety training course

The current safety training course is hosted on the Moodle of the University of Vienna. All persons in possession of a u:account can take the tests any time they want.

Initial training

Each user has to successfully complete an initial training. After the training the trainer has to confirm the training via (his|her) signature on the training confirmation form. Please note that a training in the use of the Raman spectrometer does not allow you to use the AFM—and vice versa.

Additional terms of use

  • It should be pointed out again that protective gear must be used and that all hazards have to be avoided.
  • The consent to independent use of the WITec alpha 300A can be revoked by the supervisor or the head of the Faculty Center any time in case of an operation error.
  • Appointments can be shared by several users. The prerequisite is that a qualified user is present at all times. (He|She) is also responsible for the other persons.
  • Appointments should be arranged as soon as possible due to the high demand for measurement time.
  • Only appointments visible in the calendar on the homepage of the Faculty Center are valid. Please check that your appointments in the calendar are correct.