How do I get measurement time?

Please note the general terms of use as well as the specific terms of use for each piece of equipment (which can be found on the respective subpages).

Bruker Nanostar

Please contact Herwig Peterlik. The Calendar page displays the currently taken/available time slots.

Micro Indentation Tester

Please contact Martina Hofmann or Daniel Gitschthaler.

WITec alpha 300A

Please contact Dieter Baurecht. The Calendar page displays the currently taken/available time slots.

Zeiss Axioplan

Please contact Martina Hofmann.

Zeiss Axioskop 2 mot plus

Please contact Markus Arndt.

Zeiss Supra 55 VP

Please contact Stephan Puchegger. The Calendar page displays the currently taken/available time slots.

How can I access my data?


You can access the server containing all the data via the SFTP protocol from your workplace PC. Get a copy of WinSCP from its website and install the program. Now start WinSCP, create a new connection profile with "New" and fill it out as follows:

It is important that the IP address of the computer (“Host name”) is, the port number is 22 and your username (which is identical to the username you use to login to the SEM control computer) are entered into their respective fields. The file protocol should be set to SFTP and the checkbox to the right should not be checked, since the server does not support the SCP protocol. If you do not enter your password you will be requested to enter it upon login. Once you are logged into the server you should see your home directory and you can start copying data to your workplace PC. Please note that it is not possible to delete files or directories remotely.


Accessing the server is from now on only possible from the IP address ranges of the faculties of physics, chemistry and the UniVPN.