Bruker Nanostar

Bruker Nanostar

The small-angle X-ray scattering system (Bruker AXS Nanostar) is equipped with an area detector (VÅNTEC 2000, gas detector based on microgap technology). The X-ray tube yields a high X-ray intensity (approx. 2·108 photons per second on the sample) with a beam diameter of approx. 0.5 mm. The scattering images give information about size, orientation and composition of structures in the range of 1 to 100 nm. In the standard configuration the sample is kept in vacuum. Liquid and wet samples must therefore be sealed in capillaries or be encased in plastic film. Up to 20 samples can be mounted on an automatic drive. Additionally GiSAXS experiments can be done with a rotary table. Further options are measurements at higher temperatures (greater than 1000 °C) and under mechanical load.

Person in charge

Please contact Herwig Peterlik if you need further information.


ConfigurationAngular RangeQ-Range
Long0.1–4°0.08–2.2 nm-1
Short1–27°0.8–19 nm-1
Image Plateup to 70°up to 45 nm-1