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Shi, L., Rohringer, P., Suenaga, K., Niimi, Y., Kotakoski, J., Meyer, J. C., ... Pichler, T. (2016). Confined linear carbon chains as a route to bulk carbyne. Nature Materials, 15(6), 634-639.

Rogl, G., Sykora, R., Legut, D., Müller, H., Bauer, E., Puchegger, S., ... Rogl, P. F. (2016). Mechanical Properties of Non-Centrosymmetric CePt3Si and CePt3B. In Proceedings

Rogl, G., Grytsiv, A., Gürth, M., Tavassoli, A., Ebner, C., Wuenschek, A., ... Rogl, P. (2016). Mechanical properties of half-Heusler alloys. Acta Materialia, 107, 178-195.

Legut, D., Sykora, R., Rogl, G., Müller, H., Bauer, E., Puchegger, S., ... Javorsky, P. (2016). Thermal Expansion and Tthermodynamical Properties of Ce-based Compounds CeCuAl3, CePt3Si, and CePt3B; Theory and Experiment. Paper presented at 46ème journée de actinides , Alpes d'Huez, France.

Peterlik, H., & Paris, O. (2016). Single carbon fibres: Structure from X-ray Diffraction and Nanomechanical Properties. In O. Paris (Ed.), Structure and Multiscale Mechanics of Carbon Nanomaterials (pp. 1-28). (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences; Vol. 563). Springer.

Domanov, O., Sauer, M., Eisterer, M., Saito, T., Peterlik, H., Pichler, T., & Shiozawa, H. (2015). Metalorganic chains assembled inside single-wall carbon nanotubes. Poster session presented at 49th Fullerene-Nanotube-Graphene General Symposium, Fukuoka, Japan.

Showing entries 40 - 60 out of 108