Terms of use

The safety training course

Working in laboratory 3339 is only permitted after successfully completing the tests “General safety rules for members of the faculty” and “Laboratory safety”.

Link to the safety training course

The current safety training course is hosted on the Moodle of the University of Vienna. All persons in possession of a u:account can take the tests any time they want.

Additional terms of use

  • It should be pointed out again that protective gear must be used and that all hazards have to be avoided.
  • All persons in the vicinity have to be notified before activities with a high hazard potential are performed.
  • Equipment that is no longer used has to be cleaned and stored.
  • Equipment that is no longer used must be removed from the worktop.
  • The laboratory workstation must be cleaned after the work is finished.
  • You have to read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of a chemical before using it and you must have a hard copy of the MSDS on hand at the workbench.
  • Each and every chemical container must be labeled. The label must show the composition, the owner of the vessel and the appropriate hazard pictograms. This also holds true for "homemade" chemicals.
  • The waste disposal guidelines for chemicals have to be followed. For more information see the training material of the “laboratory safety” test.