Terms of use of the Zeiss Supra 55 VP

Additional terms of use

  • Appointments at the SEM start at 9 am respectively a time agreed upon with the supervisor. The supervisor has to be contacted if the appointment cannot be kept due to unforeseen events. After one quarter of an hour the appointment will be allocated to someone else and a new appointment needs to be arranged.
  • Appointments end, if not otherwise agreed upon with the supervisor, at 5 pm. Exceptions apply only to experienced users, based upon the approval of the supervisor and the head of the Faculty Center. These persons can use the SEM until 8 am next morning, provided they adhere to the laboratory rules. These users can leave the premises whenever they want via the rear stairwell if the front door is already locked.
  • Appointments can be shared by several users. The prerequisite is that the supervisor knows of all involved users.
  • The consent to the independent use of the SEM can be revoked by the supervisor or the head of the Faculty Center anytime in case of an operation error (e.g. if someone does not pump the SEM chamber before leaving and the SEM stays in this condition overnight).
  • The periods of time during which the supervisor has to teach will only be allocated to experienced users.
  • Half a day per week will be reserved for appointments which have become necessary on short notice. The amount of time available per user depends on the number of interested parties.
  • Appointments should be arranged as soon as possible due to the high demand for measurement time.
  • Only appointments visible in the calendar on the homepage of the Faculty Center are valid. Please check that your appointments in the calendar are correct.