Server replacement and restructuring of the accounts


The servers of the Nanozentrum need to be replaced because of their age. This triggered a few changes...

The servers of the Nanozentrum need to be replaced because of their age. This triggered a few changes:
1.) Currently all of the data is stored locally on two mirrored servers and is backed up into the ZID system every night. Since I (Stephan Puchegger) am the sole person responsible for the servers, the failure of e.g. hard-disks led to various problems in the past. E.g. My server informed my once via email that two hard-disks had failed when I was away from the university doing my mandatory military service with no option to exchange the two disks on short notice. This was an almost catastrophe, I do not want to repeat.

I will thus in the future not store the data locally, but on a ZID share. This implies a better data integrity, but also a higher latency when accessing the data (reading/writing). I pray for you forgiveness.

2.) I am usually not informed which professors come or go. Because of that, the new account system will be based on institutes (chemistry) and research groups (physics). This means that there will not be an account for people associated with prof. X, but there will be an account for everyone associated with research group/institute Y, which includes prof. X. These accounts have already been created. Please ask either me, Martina Hofmann or Daniel Gitschthaler about the correct username.

3.) Because the servers are being replaced, the data can only be accessed via the IP address in the future. The procedure itself stays the same. Old data will stay available and is mirrored from the old servers to the new servers every night.

4.) Every share now contains folders with the names of subgroups belonging to an institute/research group on the top-level. These folders should contain folders with the following name-scheme for all the users: "Lastname Givenname". How you store your data within these folders is up to you.

5.) There are now u:Cloud calendars for each instrument.

6.) The old and new servers will exists side-by-side for a while, but more and more equipment will move to the new servers. Currently only the computers of the SENtech SENpro, the Anton-Paar micro-hardness-tester and the old Axioplan have been moved to the new servers.

7.) Most of the measurment systems will be moved to a non-routeable network without internet access. The reason is that I have only limited control over the subnet of the former institute of materials physics and some of the computers still run Windows 7 or XP and cannot be upgraded to a more up-to-date operating system. This also means pen-drives are a no-go and I barricaded all the USB ports. (A positive side-effect are less Windows "feature" updates.)

If you have any further questions please contact Stephan Puchegger.